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We are driving growth both organically and through investment. We focus on executing and building our pipeline, deriving value from our back catalogue and improving our offering, allowing for better game selection and more gameplay testing. We take a conservative approach to M&A, with focus on opportunistic new studio and IP acquisition, whilst also folding in long-term collaborators.

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Selective studio & IP acquisition and integration

  • Focus on long-term partnerships
  • Lower integration risk
  • Enhancing profit margins
  • Opportunistic and selective M&A with non-partner businesses

Pipeline execution and build

  • Publishing critically acclaimed and independent games
  • 12-15 titles per year
  • Strong pipeline with over [30] titles
  • [60%] of pipeline from repeat developer relationships
  • Reduced cost of new title sourcing

Maximising value potential of back catalogue

  • Increased revenue growth and margin expansion
  • >60% annual revenue contribution
  • Increased access to new player base through cross-platform porting
  • Addressable market expansion and sales growth

Craft improvement

  • Investment in better game selection and gameplay testing
  • Improvement of localisation services
  • Focus on higher-end product and deeper capabilities
  • Driving increased ROI for titles
  • Significant margin upside from own-IP titles